2-Minute Movie Contest Selections for FFF 13

Rot (Erica Luke) from FFF 13 2-Minute Movie Contest

The FFF 13 2-Minute Movie Contest featured an eclectic mix of live action, animation, fiction, non-fiction, parody, satire, drama, and ???????????? ????? ??????? ????????? ? ?????? comedy As always, audiences were thrilled to experience the breadth and depth of storytelling in 120 seconds or less.

Thank you to the following filmmakers who shared your visions with us. We look forward to seeing you back in 2014.

Basket Case (Michael Yu)
Bear (the Dog) Midthun (Glen Bruhschwein)
Beards & Beers (Eric Lach)
Blue Film 1 (Missin’ You) (Aaron Zeghers)
Candy Crime (Ben Jacobson)
Chop Chop (Ant Blade)
Cool Unicorn Bruv (Ninian Doff)
The Curious Case of Mister Daniels (Ben Stommes)
Dave (Joanne Goh & Alice Chua)
The Emotions of Mother Nature (Morgan Hennessy)
Eruption of the Psyche (Abby Anderson)
Essays on Reality, Chapter 1 (Greg Barth)
Essays on Reality, Chapter 2 (Greg Barth)
Fork in the Rocky Road (Danielle Ring)
The Future (Alex Goddard)
George (Sabrina Serani)
Gray Keys (Carlo Vega)
He Is Risen: Trailer 1 (Chris Dasinger & Sylvester Sletten)
He Is Risen: Trailer 2 (Chris Dasinger & Sylvester Sletten)
He Was a Sweet Man (Daniela Sherer)
A Hero’s Tale (Nick Black)
Hit by a Bus (Harry Hanrahan)
The Hoax (Gia Reilly)
I See a Light (Aaron Zeghers)
Independent Film Maker (Andreas Goldfuss)
Jolakottur, The Ravenous (Eric Wicklund)
A Kitty Escaped (Bernardo Anderson)
Law & Order SBU: Special Beards Unit (Patrick Thompson)
Lazy Monday (Eric Lach)
Midnight Society (Toby Jones)
The Morning After (Conor Holt)
The Moves (Zach Wentz)
Not One of Us (Different Is Weird) (Cameron MacKenzie)
One Curly Doo (Diane Herzberg)
Parallel (Phil Esposito)
Reach for the Sun (Jacob Pirogovsky)
Rot (Erica Luke)
Scylla (Cento Lodigiani)
September Buttes (Glen Bruhschwein)
Social Security (Peter Smith)
Standing Still (Owen Grove)
Super Serious Artsy Phone (Emily Eslinger)
Three Card Monte (Aaron Crume)
The Time Master (Asher Swank)
Twinkletoes (Asher Swank)
Understand Music (Florian Geyer)
What The…? (Lillie Karch)
Wildebeest (Ant Blade)
Worst Nightmare (John McTighe & Greta Haberman)

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